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Opening of beauty parlor has been done by Zanjeer Team

- २२ श्रावण २०७०, मंगलवार ११:३३ मा प्रकाशित

The opening of beauty parlor (beauty station ladies and gents) and cut of the ribbon has been done by the team of Zanjeer Producer karan Shrestha Crazy , Director Shovit Basnet  and the artist Harshika Shrestha,

Riya Shrestha at the first floor of maha laxmi complex at khicha pokhari..likewise another Producer Rajesh Khadgi also has been involved to the opening of beauty parlor..and the crowd of the presented guest was huge..realizing all over the country at bhadra 21 . The owner of the beauty parlor is Sumitra Ranjitkar And Sushila Shrestha .