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NEPALI TARA 3 select Top 10 finalists name (with top 10 finalists photo’s)

- ४ पुष २०७१, शुक्रबार ०४:०९ मा प्रकाशित


Kathmandu, 19th December 2014

The super talented top 10 finalist of Coca-Cola Nepali Tara 3 are: Binod Rai, vishal Atreya, Debesh Rai, Jaljala Pariyar, Pratap Das, Pratap Lama, Sudesh Subedi, Suresh Lama, Sushma Biswokarma and Swechchha Thakuri.

NEPALI TARA 3 select Top 10 finalists name

The temperature inside the Studio 4, Bhaisepati on December 3 was up not due to the sun’s power but due to the tension the top 20 finalists of Nepali Tara 3 were feeling. It was the day for them to either be selected to the Top 10 and continue their journey, or to be out.

The event started with the signature song Gaaudaichhaun Haami composed by singer/arranger Rajan Ishaan where the 20 contestants divided into two groups performed. Sung in a lok bhaka (folksy beat) with a modern touch, the song was able to reflect the aims of the contestants ‘to shine in the musical sky’. And as the hosts of the show Dharmendra Sewan and Santosh Lama started calling the Top 20 contestants on stage, their tension was visible on their faces, though some managed to hide it. Akash Shrestha and Dilip Lama were such contestants.

Among the 20 contestants Jaljala Pariyar, Pratap Lama, Pratap Das, Vishal Atreya, Sushma Bishwarkarma, Sudesh Subedi, Swechchha Thakuri, Binod Rai, Suresh Lama and Debesh Rai were selected as the Top 10 finalists. Those who didn’t make it through, sang a last song at the event and ended their journey in the singing competition.

Among those who gave their last performance were Dilip Lama, Aarju Adhikari, Menuka Gahatraj, Pragya Shree, Akash Shrestha, Gagan Phuyal, Bikram Kalikote, Shristi Sunar, Mechu Dhimal and Prakash Shrestha.

NEPALI TARA 3 select Top 10 finalists all

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Shree, who wasn’t selected, didn’t feel that it was the end. “This is not the end and I think I will be selected in the next season of Nepali Tara. And for that I must work hard from today,” she shared.

Regarding the selection, music composer Prakash Gurung, one of the judges in the competition expressed, “All the contestants were equally competitive and it was very difficult to bring the results out. All of them are already stars. I feel that the musical journey will start from now. Those who aren’t in the Top 10 must learn music so as to shine in music,” he suggested.

Akash who was patient after hearing his results expressed, “Whatever I am doing in music I will continue doing it. The results will not affect my musical career.” And Das who was selected felt that he needs to labour hard in the days and would even make his career in music as well.

As per Ranjit Acharya, Director and Producer of Nepali Tara 3, all Top 10 contestants will be mentored by Ishaan and musician, singer and composer Jems Pradhan. Those who have been selected in Top 10 will get a chance to sing a solo song in the Top 10 Album of Nepali Tara 3. These Top 10 contestants will give a concert in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur on December 19 and December 20. Meanwhile, the female contestants selected for the Top 10 will personally be trained by singer Sangita Rana Pradhan, one of the judges in the competition. – thehimalayan times