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Coca-Cola Nepali Tara-3 Top 20 receive diverse trainings from nation greats

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Coca-Cola Nepali Tara-3 Top 20 receive  diverse trainings from nation greats.

Nepali Tara season 3 (1)

  • Top 20 participants receive training for vocal, stage performance, dinning etiquettes and so forth
  • 3-day closed camp organized to train the Top 20 participants
  • Veteran Singer Deepak Kharel along with program Producer Ranjit Acharya trained the participants in the closed-camp
  • Winner of Coca-Cola Nepali Tara will win a motorcycle, along with Rs 250,000 and an opportunity to sing in Coca- Cola Nepali Tara Album
  • The winner will also get an Australia trip sponsored by Digital Key Productions, whereas the top 2 winners will go for a London trip sponsored by 3rd Eye UK

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Kathmandu, 18th November, 2014

Organisers of Coca-Cola Nepali Tara in association with Ncell have started training the Top 20 contestants on vocal as well as other related genres. On the same line, veteran choreographer Srijana Singh Yonjan trained the participants on stage presence and some acting, for their stage performances.

Similarly, classical music singer and trainer Manmohan Thapaliya informed the Top 20 participants about singing and also trained them on different throat exercises for improving the vocals of the participants.Nepali Tara season 3 (2)

Likewise, the participants were trained on Dinning Etiquettes by Silver Mountain Hotel Management. They informed the participants about the mannerisms related to eating at social gatherings and other international events. The training included manners for using spoon, knives and forks along with behavior while being seated at the dinner table.

Moreover, the participants were taken to Dhulikhel Village Resort, at the outskirts of the valley, for a three-day closed-camp, where they were trained on other related activities. The closed-camp was headed by senior trainer and the producer of Coca-Cola Nepali Tara Mr. Ranjit Acharya. Veteran Film Director Narayan Puri also gave trainings on acting skills and stage performance during the closed-camp. Classical music singer and trainer Manmohan Thapaliya further trained the participants on morning throat practices and other related exercises. During the last day of the closed-camp, Veteran Singer Deepak Kharel along with program judge Suresh Adhikari and mentor for the top 20 participants, Jems Pradhan and Rajan Ishan, were also present to support the participants.

Talking about the trainings and the closed-camp, participant Suresh Lama said, “What we learned during our trainings and closed-camps will be essential for the rest of our life. These two weeks have been the most fruitful days of my entire life.” Another participant Menuka Dhimal said, “Learning all these manners and exercises would have taken us a very long time, but because of Coca-Cola Nepali Tara, we got the opportunity to learn them within just couple of weeks. These training sessions have been very helpful to improve our singing”

During the closed-camp, the participants of both teams (divided as the teams for Mentor Rajan Ishan and Jems Pradhan) re-composed the title song of the program “Gaudaichhaun Haami”, written by program producer and lyricist Ranjit Acharya. “We had not expected them to come up with such great compositions. But, after listening to their songs, we have decided to record them,” said Acharya.

After listening to the compositions of the participants and his interaction with them veteran Singer Deepak Kharel said, “All the 20 participants are extremely talented and I am very impressed with them. I congratulate all the judges for picking up such aptitude from across the nation.”

The Top 20 participants will now directly vie for the Top 10 spot in a single and duet session soon.

The winner of Coca-Cola Nepali Tara 3 in association with Ncell will win a motorcycle, along with Rs 250,000/- cash and an opportunity to sing 3 songs as Coca-Cola Nepali Tara, of which 3 music videos will also be produced. Also, the top 10 finalists will get cash Rs.11,000/- each along with the opportunity to sing one song each in exclusive top 10 album. Moreover, the winner will also get a trip to Australia sponsored by Digital Key Productions, whereas the top 2 winners will go for a London trip sponsored by 3rd Eye UK. The top three winners will also get the world’s slimmest mobile phones from Gionee.