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kathmandu, 11 magh :–
jyotiraj Rai is not a new brand in Film Industry of Nepal. He has already spent a decade and a half in the same sector.Despite this long involvement he seems to be new one in the industry for some film professionals in Nepal. And the reason behind this is he always remained happy working behind the screen, not having his name in the banner and hiding his own ability.
He knew it too late that time and tide wait no man as expressed by himself and so he has come up with the new movie’’ producer’’. ‘’Many years, I spent behind the screen ‘’ says Rai. He admits further,’’. This is what made me able and capable to come up in the front’’. While sharing his experiences working behind the screen he did not forget and expressed, ‘’I started working in the industry at the same time my brother did, he came in the light, and I worked behind so I fell in shadow’’. The chairman to film producer Association Mr. Raj kumar Rai is his brother.
He told that he got opportunities of gainig experiences while working with his brother. Significant role of Jyotiraj Rai exists in the movies as Sangam, Papi Manchhe produced by Raj kumar Rai. He is considered a successful one in television serial production too. Saino Kasto Kasto was one of the biggest hit number in the world of Nepali  television serial and it was produced by him. Dui Thopa Aanshu was another one. Having been highly experienced in the production sector he aims to turn a director. Said, my aim is to direct movies and I am going to do within few days years.

He is quite familiar about pains and sorrows of producing a movie in Nepali cinema industry. Challenging the pains and sorrows once again sorrows he produced the upcoming movie, struggling stories of Film producer, directors and artists too. He said, his team has tried bringing out the reality faced by artists, directors and producer too.